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Contratto modella


  • - Ragazze in mostra: operator the Ragazze in mostra website, the firm World Media LTD.
  • - Model: A registered user that offers their pictures and/or videos for sale on the Ragazze in mostra website.
  • - Content: Pictures and videos that are offerd for sale on the Ragazze in mostra website.
  • 1. General
  • 2. Contractual Obligations
  • 3. Publication of Content
  • 4. Copyright
  • 5. Service and Service Quality
  • 6. Commission
  • 7. Non Competition Clause
  • 8. Privacy
  • 9. Legal Juristiction
  • 10. Legal Venue
1. General

These Terms and Conditions are part of the contractual agreement between Ragazze in mostra and the Model.

Ragazze in mostra offers the Model the ability to publish their content over the Ragazze in mostra portal/plattform. This content is to be sold for private use. The Model is to be paid a commission based on the total revenue from the sale of their published content.

The Model is free to choose, with hinsight as to what is allowed by law, the type of content they produce. Thus the Model chooses the type of content and are thereby fully responsible for the content therein.

2. Contractual Obligations

2.1. This contract is called into effect with the appliction the Model and the subsequent approval by Ragazze in mostra of said application. This contract is considered to be in full effect the moment the Model offers their content over the Ragazze in mostra plattform for sale.

The Model will incur no costs through this contract. The registration throught the Ragazze in mostra portal is only for those individuals of legal age, being atleast 18 years of age and leaglly competent. Ragazze in mostra retains the right to decline any Models application for any reason we see fit.

The Model is required to fill in all their personal data in the appropriate web form completely and truthfully. Changes to this data can only be made by the Ragazze in mostra staff. Thefore, if your information appears incorrect or needs to be changed you will need to cantact the Ragazze in mostra staff to have this done.

2.2. Ragazze in mostra maintains the right to pull out of the contract when the grounds outlined in paragraph 2.3 subparagraph a) or b) exsist. In the fall that Ragazze in mostra pulls out of a contractual agreement with a Model all claims by said Model will be waved, aside from willful negligence on the part of Ragazze in mostra which may have resulted in a loss.

2.3. Ragazze in mostra retains the right to,
a) refuse the contractual agreement based on economic grounds
b) end the contractual agreement, when the Model attempts to publish offensive or illegal content on the Ragazze in mostra portal.

2.4. The contract between Ragazze in mostra and the Model is not limited by an expiration date and can be terminated by either party at anytime without specific grounds.

3. Publication of Content

3.1. Video and picture content can only be published by verified Models. Only those individuals who have confirmed their age and identity by providing Ragazze in mostra with the appropriate ID may appear in the content published on the Ragazze in mostra site. Ragazze in mostra retains the right to refuse, with out ground, to publish any content.

3.2. The Model must confirm their age by providing a copy their ID, Passport or other leagl document to Ragazze in mostra. This copy is to be sent by e-mail, fax or mail to Ragazze in mostra.

3.3. The Model understands and agrees that their content maybe user for, but not limited to, promotional materials such as banners and or Half Sized Ads.

4. Copyright

4.1. Models are allowed to publish content that they alone posses all copyrights to. By uploading this content to the Ragazze in mostra platform the Model confirms that they understand that this content will be published (ie. publicly displayed) on the Ragazze in mostra website and portal.

4.2. If Ragazze in mostra has a reason to suspect infringement on a Copyright, Ragazze in mostra can demand written proof of ownership of the material in question. Ragazze in mostra must receive this proof in original document form in no more than 5 working days after the document request. The content in question will be immediatly removed from the Ragazze in mostra web site.

4.3. If said Model has failed to provied the required documents before the 5 day deadline, Ragazze in mostra may undertake the following
- provide the Name, Adresse and further information from said Model to the owner of the copyright aswell as to the local authorities,
- demand compensation from said Model for accrued costs and damages,
- immediate cancellation of all contracts with said Model,
- suspension of all pending payments to said Model.

5. Service and Service Quality

5.1. The performnace of the Ragazze in mostra server, on which the Model content is published, may from time to time be reduced by unforeseeable and or unusual circumstances. Such reductions normally occur outside of the Ragazze in mostra sphere of influence and do not reflect a lack of concern on the part of Ragazze in mostra but may occur due to server changes or upgrades, change of service providers, operating system failure, powerloss due to an act of nature, service work, or the installation of a better operating system when requred.

5.2. Losses due to downtime or slow server response contributed to any of the grounds listed in paragraph 5.1. do not constitute a contractual break and therefore any lost income due to these circumstances will not be compensated.

6. Commission

6.1. Model receive 35% of the revenues generated from the sale of their content. The Model, within certain limits, is allowed to choose the price for wich their videos and pictures will be sold for. The Model can also receive a 10% more, in addition to 35%, for custom content requested by users.

6.2. Comission is based souly on statistics generated by Ragazze in mostra. These statistics reflect gross income.

6.3. Ragazze in mostra matains no accountability for the avalability nor the accuracy of the above mentioned statistics.

6.4. The Model will receive monthly a credit which can be downloaded from the Ragazze in mostra web site. Payment will follow 4 weeks after the end of the previous payment period i.e. the end of the previous month.

6.5. Ragazze in mostra reatains the right to withhold indeifinatly payments to those Models who have disregarded or broken the rules of the Ragazze in mostra portal.

6.6. It is the Model's duty to report all income from Ragazze in mostra to their local tax reveue service (such as the IRS) and to pay taxes on this income accordingly. It is also the Model's duty to inform Ragazze in mostra of changes to their personal data such as an address change or new e-mail.

6.7. Payment will be made when the minimum payout, based on net income, of 300 EUR has been reached. Income will be accumulated till the minimum payout has been reached.

7. Non Competition Clause

Communcation between the User and Model could only take place over the Ragazze in mostra messaging system. The exchange of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or addresses is not allowed. Additionally the Model is not allowed to promote their personal website, competing websits, and/or other services with the intent to draw users away from the Ragazze in mostra site. Ragazze in mostra retains the right to electonically filter and/or manually check messages sent over the Ragazze in mostra messaging system for suspicious keywords. Should a Model disregard this clause Ragazze in mostra will take it upon them selves to, based on severity of the offence, to warn the Model, suspend the Model's account, or demand a penalty be paid of up to 5,000 EUR.

8. Privacy

8.1. All personal data will be handeled in accordance with exsisting data protection laws.

8.2. Ragazze in mostra retains the right, unless contested by the Model, to use data accumulated from Models for advertising, market research, and to configure the Ragazze in mostra portal to better suit resource requirements. In this clause your are informed of the right to contest useage of your data.

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